(🦋 Dutch below)

🦚Astrit Ismaili is a performance artist living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their practice involves ​performing, writing, composing music, singing, drawing and directing. ​ Ismaili is interested in transcending the personal into an extraordinary experience which is delivered through transforming the body by adding new qualities to it, without losing its political urgency. Creating alter-egos, body extensions, wearable music instruments and experiential spaces, they treat reality as a playground where norms are transformed or questioned. ​The artist graduated from the MA-Program at DasArts – Master of Theater in Amsterdam. Ismaili is a recipient of the Young Visual Artist Award 2011 and was a resident at ISCP in New York City. Further they won the Award for Best Director at the Skena Up International Student Festival 2011, received the Forum ZDF follow-up Grant 2013 and won the Awards for Best Video Performance and Best Styling Video at Video Fest 2014. They have showed work at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, ISCP, New York, S.A.L.T.S. Basel, Kunstverein, Amsterdam, Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam, etc. 

For the Qtopia Queer Arts Festival, Ismaili collaborated with artist in residence Vita Evangelista. The result of their residency will be presented at POPOP on saturday October the 5th and will Vita’s work will be on display at NEUS during the rest of the festival. 

Ismaili on their residency:

“During the Qtopia residency I explored limitation in relation to mobility, as well as creativity as a coping mechanism. The main focus of the research was the evolution process of plants into flowering plants. At the Qtopia festival I will execute a music composition titled ‘The First Flower’ which is a fragment of a larger performance titled ‘Miss’ which I will develop throughout the year.”

🦋Astrit Ismaili is een performance kunstenaar en woont in Amsterdam. Hun werk bevat performance, geschreven tekst, het componeren van muziek, zingen, tekenen en regisseren. Ismaili is geïnteresseerd in het overstijgen van het persoonlijke in een buitengewone ervaring, die tot stand komt door transformaties middels toevoegingen aan het lichaam, zonder daarmee afbreuk te doen aan diens politieke gewicht. Middels alter-ego’s, lichamelijke toevoegingen, draagbare muziekinstrumenten en experiental spaces, behandelt hen de realiteit als een speeltuin waarin normen transformeren of bevraagd worden.

De kunstenaar studeerde af als Master of Theater bij DasArts in Amsterdam. Ismaili ontving in 2011 de Young Visual Artist Award en had een residency bij ISCP in New York. Ook won hen de award voor Best Director at the Skena Up International Student Festival 2011, ontving hen de Forum ZDF follow-up beurs in 2013 en won hen de award voor Best Video Performance and Best Styling Video bij Video Fest in 2014. Hen heeft onder andere geëxposeerd bij KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlijn, het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, ISCP in New York, S.A.L.T.S. in Bazel en Kunstverein en Juliette Jongma in Amsterdam.

Voor het Qtopia Queer Arts Festival werkte Ismaili in samenwerking met artist in residence Vita Evangelista. Het resultaat van hun werkweek wordt op zaterdag 5 oktober gepresenteerd bij POPOP en Vita’s werk is gedurende de rest van het festival te bekijken in NEUS.