HUB #2 (English) ✔


Breathing matters

During performance hub#2 we focussed on breath. Our breath is fundamental, when we are born we take our first breath, when we die we take our last breath. Breath is related to everything: your thoughts, your actions, your decisions, your political correctness, your religion, your identity. Breathing matters. 



Anet van de Elzen (1963, Eerde NBr.) creates images. The last couple of years the emphasis in her work has shifted to performance art, photography and movies. She also created sculptures. The different materials and techniques she uses are the visual carriers of the images she translates into a physical form to share with others. Filming has become a manner to be less dependent of that one moment in time which is normally the case in performance art. Her first long movie ‘Echo the Now 2017, 63 min.’, was created to make her work more accessible for a bigger crowd. In these times with Corona, when it’s very hard to perform for a live audience, the camera became the eye. The camera gives her the possibility to capture  and share her work. Currently, Anet van de Elzen is working on a new film: ‘De dagen komen naast elkaar’ , where new performances are writing the story. Anet has created performances in the Netherlands, Japan, China, South-Africa,  America and in many other European Countries. She is part of the international performance group Wolf In The Winter, which has worked together in Greenland. She has given workshops at different art academies (Minerva, HKU, St. Joost, ARTez) and for two years she worked as a teacher at the artacademie in Stuttgart. For her it’s important to share her experience and knowledge about performance art. Anet lives and works on the island Texel and Amsterdam.