QTOPIA QUEER ART FESTIVAL 2021 Speculating is Queer


MORE INFO BELOW AND ALSO ON THIS WEBSITE: https://www.qtopiafestival.nl

Introduction to this “Editon”

For the third edition of Qtopia Queer Art Festival 2021 the interdisciplinary – artists, curators, thinkers team has created a mini-residency program in the context of community-based urgencies. For three weekends the community is invited to come together at Nijmegen’s very own POPOP, POST and NEUS to participate in various workshops, lectures, dinners and performances/interventions. These events will be facilitated by artists that have developed a community-based practice and artists that have created projects with topics such as -celebration, navigating bodies, architecture, archiving and community building.

Festival Theme & Program


During the festival, the invited artists and participants will come together at three different locations POPOP, POST and NEUS. Each weekend Qtopia hosts a lecture, dinner, workshop, night out and intervention that are spread over the weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (please see PROGRAM)

The overall theme of this edition has been divided into three sub-themes which are:

  • Speculative Intervention
  • Playful Celebration
  • Counter-institutional Archive

During the three weekends, Qtopia invites different artists to use this mini-residency as a tool to navigate and research Nijmegen’s Queer communities. For the program, the artists are expected to give a lecture, workshop and intervention with a topic that connects to Qtopia’s theme – Speculative Intervention. The choice of structure and outcome for these events is up to the artists together with participants.

“The theme of Speculative Intervention gives the artists and participants the opportunity to dive deeper into different forms of research without the goal of finding clear answers. It allows the Queer experience to exist and reclaim the public and private spaces by taking any form of action that might not belong in the norm.”

As an addition to this program, Qtopia will host a Night Out for the community of Nijmegen to meet other community members and come together. Three Saturday evenings Qtopia will collaborate with NEUS to create a gathering place to enjoy drinks, music and performances to have a Playful Celebration.

“The need for social gatherings has revealed itself more and more during of the COVID-19 lockdowns and regulations. Playful Celebration is a theme created for the community of Nijmegen to come together for drinks, talks and experience joy and pleasure in a safe environment.”

Lastly, Qtopia has developed an archive on the Qtopia website where all the findings of the festival are collected. The artists, participants and community members will be encouraged to document their experiences of the events in whatever form they see fit and upload them on Qtopia’s website. The focus of this archive is to make it Counter-Institutional, which means that recordings such as experiences, emotions, inconveniences, and unanswered questions are prioritized over found knowledge and coherent information.


Saturdays: 9th 16th and 23rd

Location: POPOP Nijmegen Time: 11:00-16:00

Participants: 15 | max 40

9th October Navigating Bodies – Venla Keskinen

16th OctoberTBD

23rd October TBD

[Speculative intervention | Archive]

Sundays: 10th 17th and 24th

Location: POPOP Time: 13:00-18:00

On Sundays the artists in residence have a moment with the participants to finish up their workshop and show their production if they want to, it can be a public moment for a possible exhibition or an intervention at any of the Qtopia locations. On the website, we also invite the participants and artists to share any reflections online and take part in the making of Qtopia’s counter institutional archive.

10th October Navigating Bodies – Venla Keskinen

17th October TBD

24th October TBD