WORKSHOP / Qtopia Queer Arts Festival / “Speculating is Queer” / Belastingkantoor 2021

Introduction to this “Editon”
For the third edition of Qtopia Queer Art Festival 2021 the interdisciplinary – artists,, thinkers team has created a mini-residency program in the context of community-based urgencies. For three weekends the community is invited to come together at Nijmegen’s very own POPOP, POST and NEUS to participate in various workshops, lectures, dinners and performances/interventions. These events will be facilitated by artists that have developed a community-based practice and artists that have created projects with topics such as -celebration, navigating bodies, architecture, archiving and community building.

“The theme of Speculative Intervention gives the artists and participants the opportunity to dive deeper into different forms of research without the goal of finding clear answers. It allows the Queer experience to exist and reclaim the public and private spaces by taking any form of action that might not belong in the norm.”

Workshops by: Sarjon, Fyn Paulina Bonita and Venla Miila Kaarina Keskinen