Mike Dings – Anja Fredin – Johanna Talja – Kiki Beernink – Laura van Daalen / Expositie / “Any wich way” / Elzenstraat 2020

An artist collective creates a group exhibition centered around the theme of a journey through visual thought; Any Which Way. Fivedifferent artists who all work with exploring and rethinking their surroundings, varying in artistic practices from installation to painting and prints, as all artists have their own practice and unique approach to their work. Though incredibly varied, there is a main thread between the work; exploring and depicting existence, travelling and exploring different places and worlds both physically and mentally, as well as theoretically. The materials and its inspiration is all around us, and can help us learn what its other uses can be. Just as with travelling to different places, you discover mundane things that to you are not mundane, you learn of traditions, stories, new inventions and viewpoints, and realize things may not be what they seem. One can travel physically from a location to another, but travelling and exploring as if you were to discover a whole new world can be done just as well in your mind. 

The viewer may experience another passage through different places, the past and the future, and all its elements eluding to timelessness. Where are we, why are we there? Are we not here? Where have we been, where else could we be? Life can not be restricted to facts, neither to fiction; the truth lies somewhere in between. Join us on the journey, through art and exploration. It doesn’t matter which way you go, because even by staying idle and observing, one can be a part of a world you never thought existed before. Any which way you go, you can come back or choose to never return to the place you were before. The world around us is full of ideas and thoughts and through this exhibition this group hopes to take you into these different views upon our world.

Kiki Beernink (1995, Dutch) is an artist who searches for figures that seem captured in a moment of emptiness. The figures are unaware that they are being looked at, making everyday movements and actions become compelling. Her work, paintings or print, capture a very contemporary feeling and combination between comfort and melancholy in modern life.  

Mike Dings (1995, Dutch), made a photography series of his old-timer car to let one re-enter a different moment in history. A recognisable romanticized past, yet it is recent and current. Looking through the world with an analogue lens and being inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960’s and 70’s Ding’s work is a mirror between the past and present. Similar to Beernink, Dings seeks to create an engaging image that captures an everyday action. They try to open a door to the viewer to see a moment frozen in time as well as a reminder of the space between, finding permanence in things that are fleeting. 

Laura van Daalen (1995, Dutch) glances at the world around her, and turns to the world’s nature; a force before and beyond our time. In our current world, what is still natural? Does such a thing exist? Considering that everything is “designed”, other perspectives and impressions can be found when examining a ‘natural’ object. Van Daalen creates new landscapes, which end up more minimal than her first encounter with them. Are these works any different though, then when she had encountered them in person? What is still natural?  

Anja Fredin (1975, Danish) is an artist who views the world through a trilingual and multi-cultural perspective, allowing her to let them entangle and thus creating new interpretations of the things around her. Fredin works preferrably with found materials and impressions from nature and everyday life. These are often rough, prefabricated objects or building material, carefully selected based on tactility and expressive characteristics. With these she creates poetic spatial installations searching for a synchronization between concepts and moments that have no real definite beginning or end, but a reminder of what is truly evanescent; the now.

Johanna Talja (1994, Finnish) is a multi-media and installation artist whose work revolves around an exploration of cinematic, performative media and relations between the on-stage and behind the stage. Her aim is to disrupt the mundane, expose the insanity of the everyday as -well as reveal the insanity in regularity. Talja creates her own props and costumes, through which she creates characters and scenes through improvisational performances, resulting in the creation of another separate dimension trapped somewhere between the screen, the backstage, the viewer, the artist, the physical and the digital. The moments in this dimension are what the viewer can observe as strange moments in time, translations between seeing, believing, being there to see it but being also far from it.