ESTHER DEN BROK / Expositie / Nothing to see here / Belastingkantoor 2021

Esther den Brok’s work defies categorization. It is a continuously evolving process that presents a new challenge for her with each new piece. Her process begins with a fascination for something, which often turns into an obsession. She becomes fixated on even the smallest of details. These details, in turn, lead to new fascinations and obsessions, fueling an endless internal restlessness that feeds her creative ideas.

The concept of ‘Nothing to see here’ stems from a fascination with what people choose to show and hide about themselves. In daily life, many things remain unseen, unspoken, and unacknowledged. These hidden aspects of life are incredibly intriguing. The idea of ‘everyone has their own cross to bear’ fascinates her as a personal need.

It is not possible to look inside someone’s mind, just as it is not possible to see through a blinded, wallpapered window or an impenetrable wall. But sometimes there is a crack through which a little light shines, a tear or a bit of transparency.

‘Nothing to see here’ – or is there?”